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Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The rapid flows of the river TIME

This is Chuck, filling in for a spell. I'll be trying to get updates on here more frequently, so as to keep people filled in. It's been an incredibly stressful past year for the both of us, so I apologize for the sporadic posts.

Now without further ado, I believe the last we left off, it was Halloween for the girls as well!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 8, 2009

I've just realized that i never even posted the Halloween pictures.. UGH!!!

Ok I promise pics will be up soon of Halloween and Christmas..
My god can you believe it's already past New Years..

The world with two little 16 moth olds (and a big brother) is just amazing and crazy..
Morgan is my sponge. This child cracksme up on a daily basis and learns so fast it makes my head spin. She is currently saying "Riley where are you" or "Daddy were are you" which sounds more like "iley weeer ahhh oouu" SO CUTE!! She is such a silly funny goofy kid. So smart and happy..

Riley is talking too but not as much, it depends on her mood. Sometimes you can't get her to be quiet and other times she is the shy momma's girl.. She absolutely loves me, and her gommie aka god mother. I think if she could be atached to one of us she would be on out hip 24/7.
She is my music child I say. Always humming and singing and playing the piano or drums. She loves music it's the cutest thing...

As for weight and height well you will have to catch me on a day my brain is working lol.
All i can say is that Riley has always been alittle taller then Morgan and now she is a lot taller. If she keeps this up she will surpass Aiden in no time at all. She is only about an inch shorter then him now and he has about 4 or 5 inches on Morgan I'd say. To see them all standing next to each other is sooooooooooo cute.. I remember this time last year and they were still "little".. My babies ar not babies anymore, there growning up too fast..

Saturday, November 22, 2008

November 22, 2008

My walker and my talker... What a crazy world it is...

Riley is officially walking! She started about 4 days ago and is all over the place. I love her new found independence. She is wobbly and walks a bit like a monkey but OMG is it CUTE!!!!

And Morgan is my talker, and what a smart little cookie this one is.. She says ya, momma, dudda, nonna, hi, uh-oh, sit, (although I still think it's sh*t lol) and the kicker is this cookie taught herself sigh language. YES real signs with real meaning.. I assume it is from us teaching Aiden and seeing us do them and his E.I. worker. One day I was talking to them all and asked if they wanted more. Aiden signs more a bit like a clap (open hands) but I know the difference between him saying more and clapping yay. Well when I asked the question Aiden aigned his version of "more" and then i asked the girls. Riley just looked at me like of course I want more and Morgan closed her hands and signed it. PERFECTLY!!!! Like a little pro.
The very next day I kept on it so she would keep the skill and out of the blue when she was all done she signed "all done" ! OK I was floored.. My one year old taught herself how to sign and did it like a pro. She knows, more, all done, and me.. As of just the other day both her and RIley can wave bye bye now too.. Something Aiden still doesn't do.. It's a trip to see all this, my brain is still in preemie land. Guess my preemies are growing up.

Now we just got to get Morgan to walk, and Riley to talk. Well i shouldn't say that, cause she does talk. She says momma, dudda, ya, and uh-oh, but she is in no way as vocial as Morgan. Morgan is just down right loud and has long conversations with who ever she can get to listen lol Ri is my quiet one (unless she is cranky) then there is no such thing as quiet with either one of them..

Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!

The girls were pixies this year and we once again took out the wagon and went trick or treating. Last year they were only just about 6 weeks old. This year they still didn't get it but had tons of fun any way..

They are both trying to walk on there own and have taken a few independent steps. It's so fun to watch them when they don't know your watching. They get excited when they realize "wow" I can do that..

Morgan is trying to talk up a storm and is my little parrot. She learned to say "shit" (ooopps)
That's what I get for saying PU.. it smells like shit.. Then when I asked her if she did a stinky and told her PU.. You smell like poopy.. She replied Shhiit!! LOL
Well i thought it was hysterical.. Come on, this tinly chubby little girl with pig tails looks at you all innocent and says that.. You'd laugh too..
For the record she knows a few other words.. All good.. She can say Uh Oh.. Morgan.. Butters (her nick name by the way from daddy) Ya, Hi, Mumma, and Dudda..
Ri so far is a mumma and dudda girl. Once in a while you will get a hi, or a ya and today I got an uh Ohhhh, but she is my quite to her self kid until she is tired or irritated then she is a whine bag. In those cases, just put her on the couch or the bed and they flop all over cracking up til they have tears from laughing so much.. (both of them) They are just NUTS!!!

Well i think that's about it.. I will post pics later.. it's been a long night.
Again.. Happy Halloween..

Friday, September 26, 2008

Birthday Party Pictures !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Morgan Kennidi and Riley Lorene xoxox I LOVE YOU !!

September 26, 2008

Flu Shots, Vaccines, finger sticks.. Blah
add that to a rainy wet humid yukky day and it was a nightmare.
Three kids in the doctors office, all over tired cause the appoint ran over two hours. Aiden was hungry and had been up since the early morning. The girls were all ready for there nap and in came the nurse. Riley did really good with the finger stick, not a peep, just a look like what the heck are you doing.. Morgan had a different nurse and wooooooooooo she freaked out. Then came the doc for the check up. All is good and we showed we can screech louder then he can talk lol.
Then the nurses came in to give the shots. Since they also offered the flu shot I agreed not realizing that ment they had to each get 5 needles. One in each arm, one in the right leg and two in the left. Poor girls, all this after there birthday.. Boo Hoo!
This killed plans for lunch, I was hot and tired and the girls were exhausted, cranky and hungry. SO we came home (thank god I live about 1 min from the doc office) and the girls got in there PJ's, got a nice warm bottle and took a nap. Aiden ate his lunch and passed out about 30 seconds after the last bite..

Girls are doing great. Riley is getting her 4th tooth and Morgan still only has the 2. They are closer and closer to walking and i can't wait.
It will be nice to actually put one down and let them hold my hand to walk for a second.

So here are the stats for the 1 year appointment....

Birth.......... W.......... 3 lbs 14 oz.......... H.......... 16 in

4 M............ W.......... 14 lbs 7 oz.......... H.......... 23 in

7M............. W.......... 18 lbs 8 oz.......... H.......... 24 1/2 in

9M............. W.......... 20 lbs 9 oz.......... H.......... 27 in

1 Year....... W.......... 22 lbs 14 oz......... H.......... 29 1/4 in

Birth.......... W.......... 4 lbs 7 oz.......... H.......... 17 in

4M............. W.......... 15 lbs 2 oz.......... H.......... 24 1/2 in

7M............. W.......... 18 lbs 14 oz.......... H.......... 26 1/2 in

9M............ W.......... 21 lbs 8 oz.......... H.......... 29 1/2 in

1 Year...... W .......... 24 lbs 5 oz.......... H.......... 31 in